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Information for Wellness Directors of Retirement Communities and Senior Resource Centers

If you are interested in making Geriatric Massage more available to your residents or members, I invite you to contact me either by phone or e-mail.  I have prepared packets with copies of my credentials for your review.  I would love to meet with you to further discuss the benefits of Geriatric Massage and how it can compliment other forms of therapy, such as Physical Therapy, in rehabilitation as a non-invasive treatment, possibly even lowering the amount of medication necessary and the side-effects of such medication.  Through the reduction of pain, and the benefit of relaxing the mind and spirit, the residents may feel more energy and desire to engage in other helpful activities.  It may also improve the overall relationships among the residents or members of the community, and their families, with the staff or facility.

I am pleased to announce I have a contract to offer Massage Therapy directly to the residents of the Linden House Assisted Living Facility At the Branchlands. If you have a family member residing there and would like to sign them up for Massage Therapy you may contact the facility directly or me by filling out the electronic forms on this site, printed forms are also available at the front desk.

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