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*Below is a link to a HIPAA compliant link to fill out an Intake form online.

*The PDFs conveniently located below may be printed, they are not enabled as downloads or electronic editing.  If you would like to fill out the forms online, please use the link above this notice, which is protected and secured through Noterro software and is HIPAA compliant for your safety.

A Client Evaluation Form, and a signature of agreement with the Business Policies for Touch for the Wise LLC are required to be filled-out prior to the massage appointment.  These PDFs are made available here if you have access to print them.  If you you do not have access to print them, I will make arrangements for you to receive the forms prior to the massage.

This PDF file is where a family member can view and print a Family Authorization form.  This form is for the use of a family member in the event that the client is unable to give consent to receive a massage, however the family member believes it is in the client's best interest, and would consent to receive a massage if the client was able to do so on their own.

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