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Specialized Massage Therapy for Seniors!

Once perceived to be a luxury is now proven to be a vital therapy in adding life to years!

Massage is an excellent antidote to the strains of a long life!

The mission of "Touch for the Wise" is to reach out to Seniors through their Wellness Centers, Retirement Communities, and even into the comfort of their home here in Charlottesville, Virginia.


The inspiration for this business was created, after a client, 98 years of age, walked into the Day Spa, in which I have worked for several years, with the assistance of his daughter, as he was unable to drive himself.  He said he had arthritis in all of his joints, and anything I could do to help relieve his discomfort, he would be grateful.  The pure joy on his face after the massage was so fulfilling, and I realized what a challenge it is for some seniors to commute to a therapy that greatly benefits them, and where I could contribute the most benefit as a massage therapist.


Through this desire to better serve the senior population, I gained a Geriatric Massage Certification, and created this mobile massage business, with the intent to offer seniors massage which is safe, comfortable, and easily accessible. 

What is Geriatric Massage?

As there are no typical Seniors, specialized Geriatric Massage takes age-related health challenges into account and is designed to meet their specific needs.  Robust active Seniors may benefit from a standard form of massage.  Where as, when an accumulation of health-related physical challenges occur over a lifetime, modified massage techniques are more appropriate.  People who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, paralysis, Parkinson's disease, dementia, and other age-related conditions can experience limited physical activity leading to chronic pain, poor circulation and depression.  This is where Geriatric Massage techniques can help to maintain and improve overall health or sometimes regain physical function.

The Benefits of Massage

  • Increases Circulation & Flexibility

  • Stimulates the Nervous System

  • Enhances Immunity

  • Improved Lymph Circulation

  • Relaxes the Mind

  • Reduces fatigue, stress, & anxiety

  • Helps with Injury Rehibilitation

  • Improved Sleep Quality

Massage for the Senior Population

  • The massage routine is performed in the most comfortable positioning for the client, most likely face-up on a table, or seated in a chair.

  • The modified techniques of gentle and rhythmic hand motions helps to stimulate circulation, assisting the healing process and relieves muscle tension relaxing the body and mind.

  • Passive joint movement and gentle stretching can improve joint mobility and flexibility.

  • Massaging of the hands and feet helps to prevent stiffness and relieve pain.

  • Massage has a profound effects on the body, as to not overload the nervous system or circulatory system, Geriatric Massage is focused work on the areas that need the most attention, and limited to 30 minutes.

  • Seniors benefit from more frequent massages, rather than longer session of massage.

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